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Mikaela Evans


I’m Mikaela Evans and Forever Fiji was founded to ensure you experience the Fiji holiday perfect for you.

I was born in Fiji and spent a good part of my younger years living in this beautiful country, and now reside in stunning Sydney Australia. I love socialising with family & friends, being near and in the ocean (there’s nothing better than the smell of salt air). I travel to Fiji year after year and want to share my knowledge & love of Fiji with the world.

My background is in Recruitment, matching people with companies in positions they’d love. I feel people and holidays need to also be matched. We work so hard for a holiday its imperative to spend that time somewhere that will suit our needs and wants so we head home relaxed, rejuvenated and planning for the next one!

Having travelled through Fiji at different stages of my life I have experienced many parts of Fiji and their resorts. With my extensive knowledge & passion I’d love to help you experience the Fiji holiday perfect for you.